Popular Weekly Fantasy Football Contest

When a person hears the words weekly fantasy football contest the image that will likely come to mind is a normal,Guest Posting traditional fantasy football game in which a person is an owner of a fantasy team that drafts and competes in one full season. However, you should be aware that there are various weekly fantasy football contests that are available out there. These weekly fantasy football contests are umbrella games in the big, wide and fun world of fantasy football.So, picking a point spread might be considered a type of weekly fantasy football contest and so could selecting the best most difficult position in football quarterback, running back and wide receiver trio.To help you out, we listed an array of weekly fantasy football contests that you can choose from and that we find interesting enough to participate in on the side while playing fantasy football.Popular Weekly Fantasy Football Contest # 1: Pro Football Pick’emThis game is one of the most popular and most common fantasy football contests. The participants pick against an NFL point spread. When the spread includes a team with a + symbol in the front of a particular number then that team is said to be the underdog. The number located after the plus will be injected to the NFL team’s final score so that a winner can be determined.Popular Weekly Fantasy Football Contest # 2: College Football Pick’emThe rules and the concept are the same as Pro Football Pick’em. The only exemption to the game is that the spread is for college football teams instead of teams in the National Football League. Wagering on college football is a bit more challenging as there could be many blowouts and upsets which happen on a weekly basis.Popular Weekly Fantasy Football Contest # 3: The Weekly Fantasy Football Line Up ChallengeThis is a somehow unique contest challenge that is offered by some websites. What happens is that each week you have the option to choose two players for each position in the NFL. Your goal is to predict the two players that will have the highest score in the week. You will also be challenging a “weekly expert” and you earn more points if you beat their score. There is an overall tally which is kept for the whole season. When you get the best points, sometimes the reward is a lifetime membership to the site holding the contest.Popular Weekly Fantasy Football Contest # 4: The Fantasy Football SurvivorYou do this weekly and what you do is pick an NFL team that you think will be the winner of a match. If you pick the right team, you progress to the next round and will still be able to participate. If not, you are kicked out of the contest, survivor style.